What is Metagenomics?

Microbial community genomics
  • study of complete microbial communities directly in their natural environments, including
    • skin, mouth, and gut samples to understand human related diseases,
    • soil samples to study plant soil-microbe interactions, and
    • marine water samples 
  • metagenomics does not require isolation and culturing of individual microbes: 'culture independent'
  • focus on microbial communities: a sample can contain more than 10,000 species

What is a microbiome?

  • the complete set of microbes that live in a particular microbial ecosystem: within and on the human body (human microbiome), specific plants (grapevine microbiome), or marine areas
  • includes also the entire collection of microbial genes provided by these microbial communities

Introduction & Literature

The Human Microbiome
PDF, Infographic and handout from the American Academy of Microbiology

How the microbiome shapes our world.
TED interview with Jonathan Eisen, Jessica Green, & Rob Knight

Microbiology: Metagenomics
by Philip Hugenholtz and Gene W. Tyson

Microbial Metagenomics: Beyond the Genome
by Jack A. Gilbert and Christopher L. Dupont

Staying Current in Bioinformatics & Genomics
How to find out the most recent trends in Genomics, by Stephen Turner
recently published microbiology papers, selected by Elisabeth Bik

Find more public available sampling datasets:
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